25 Fun Things to Do When Staying at a Hotel

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Hotels can provide more than just a place to sleep while traveling. Take advantage of amenities, services, and programming to make the most of your hotel stay. Here are 25 fun things to try on your next hotel visit.

25 Fun Things to Do When Staying at a Hotel

Hotel Room Fun

  1. In-Room Movies – Check out the on-demand movie selection and have a film festival. See if any movies were filmed in the destination.
  2. Snack Bar – Raid the minibar or pantry shop and enjoy treats in bed while binge watching shows.
  3. Room Service – Order breakfast in bed or a late night dessert via room service. Make it a splurge.
  4. Bath Soak – Unwind after a long day of travel in a bubble bath surrounded by candles and bath bombs.
  5. Pillow Forts – Gather all the pillows and make a comfy fort on the floor to play games or read books in.

Explore the Hotel

  1. Art Tour – Stroll through the lobby and halls appreciating interesting art pieces and installations on display.
  2. Photo Shoot – Dress up and use glamorous hotel backdrops for a picturesque photo session.
  3. Hide and Seek – Get some exercise playing hide and seek around large conference rooms, atriums or courtyards.
  4. Scavenger Hunt – Make a list of items to find around the hotel like a piano, aquarium, or dessert shop.
  5. Get Lost – Wander around without a map and enjoy getting deliberately lost in the hotel’s unique layout.

Take Advantage of Amenities

  1. Hotel Gym – Check out the fitness center to get in a workout. Take a group class if offered.
  2. Pool Time – Lounge by the pool with poolside beverages and snacks. Schedule a cabana for VIP treatment.
  3. Spa Service – Book a massage, facial or body treatment at the on-site spa. Arrive early to enjoy the steam room, sauna or hot tub.
  4. Sport Courts – Have a family tennis, basketball or volleyball match on hotel sport courts. Some offer equipment rentals.
  5. Hotel Shop – Browse and buy souvenirs, travel necessities and local specialty foods at an on-site shop.

Experience Local Flavors

  1. Afternoon Tea – Indulge in a classic afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, scones and desserts. Add champagne for extra fun.
  2. Cooking Class – Take a hotel cooking class to learn local recipes and techniques from restaurant chefs.
  3. Wine Tasting – Partake in a sommelier guided wine tasting at the hotel bar or restaurant.
  4. Happy Hour – Attend a hotel lobby happy hour for drink and appetizers specials.
  5. Gourmet Dining – Schedule an amazing meal at the hotel’s fine dining restaurant. Go all out with wine pairings.

Family Friendly Activities

  1. Kids’ Club – Check if the hotel has a kids’ club offering supervised fun like games, crafts and movie nights so parents can relax.
  2. Family Games – Borrow board games from the front desk for classic family game time.
  3. Puzzles – Put together a jigsaw puzzle on the coffee table to work together toward a common goal.
  4. Camping – Transform beds into makeshift tents by stringing up sheets. Roast snacks in the room microwave.
  5. Dance Party – Crank up the radio and boogie down for an impromptu family dance party.

With a little creativity, hotels offer far more than a place to sleep while traveling. Try these 25 ideas to maximize the fun during your next hotel stay. The amenities and services available can make everyday an adventure.

Jennifer Tuffen
Jennifer Tuffen

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