Booking Hotel Rooms at 17 Age (Policies, Requirements and Tips)

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Turning 17 is a major milestone on the road to adulthood. With more independence comes opportunities like traveling without parents for the first time.

But can 17-year-olds legally get hotel rooms? While booking policies vary, understanding the requirements makes it possible to travel at 17 both safely and in compliance with hotel rules.

Booking Hotel Rooms at 17 Age (Policies, Requirements and Tips)

Why Hotels Have Minimum Age Policies

Hotels establish age minimums for renting rooms to protect both their business and underage guests. Reasons hotels tend to set 18 as the minimum include:

  • Comply with legal drinking age – Prevent alcohol access to guests under 21.
  • Limit disruptions – Younger teens may engage in irresponsible behavior.
  • Avoid disturbing other guests – Teens are often louder and up later.
  • Reduce liability – Minors pose increased risks to themselves and the hotel.
  • Guard reputation – They want to provide a suitable environment for all guests.

These pragmatic factors mean most hotels take age policies seriously for customers of all ages.

Standard Minimum Age Is 18

The most common minimum age to book a room is 18 years old. Some exceptions exist:

  • Upscale hotels may require 21+ for casinos and nightlife access.
  • All-ages hotels cater to families by allowing ages as low as 13 with an adult.
  • Local laws in some areas prohibit renting to those under 18 or 21.

Otherwise, 18 is the norm at hotels including chains like Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt. But there are still possibilities for 17-year-olds.

Booking Hotel Rooms at 17 Age (Policies, Requirements and Tips)

How 17-Year-Olds Can Book Hotel Rooms

While most hotels will not rent directly to 17-year-olds, alternatives exist that provide lodging to teens:

  • Book with an adult – Have a parent or legal guardian reserve room and stay together.
  • Join school group – Let teacher book block of rooms for students on trip.
  • Rent vacation rental – Private homeowners often have lower age minimums.
  • Stay with friends/family – Have older friend or siblings book room for group.
  • Look for teen-friendly options – Some boutique hotels cater to younger guests.

With planning, 17-year-olds have suitable options to experience hotel stays.

Requirements When Booking as a 17-Year-Old

Beyond a certain minimum age, hotels also have other requirements to rent to teens:

  • Adult signature – Parent must sign paperwork authorizing stay.
  • Credit card on file – Adult provides card for incidentals.
  • Waiver – Parent completes form acknowledging hotel policies.
  • Parent contact – Hotel keeps parent/guardian emergency numbers.
  • No partying – Loud noise, drugs, alcohol are prohibited.
  • ID on arrival – Prove age with driver’s license, passport, school ID.

Understanding these expectations makes for smooth hotel stays for teens and staff.

Tips for 17-Year-Olds Booking Hotels

Follow these tips for a successful hotel experience as a 17-year-old:

  • Communicate clearly about your age when making reservations so there are no surprises.
  • Call ahead if any questions on hotel age policies. Some make rare exceptions.
  • Have parent explain rules and expectations to avoid conflicts about allowed activities.
  • Arrive with adult listed on reservation if policy requires. Don’t let friends book room for you.
  • Follow all hotel rules on noise, visitors and prohibited items to avoid removal.
  • Carry ID to prove your age matches reservations if asked at check-in.
  • Avoid situations of trying to access prohibited areas like bars, clubs or casinos.

Exercising maturity and respect makes young travelers welcome at hotels.

Adult Oversight Still Critical

While it may sometimes be possible for 17-year-olds to secure rooms, adult supervision remains highly recommended:

  • Helps advocate for teen needs with staff at check-in and during stay.
  • Allows monitoring of activities, preventing unsafe or illegal behavior.
  • Defrays costs by booking larger rooms together.
  • Provides guidance navigating new environments.
  • Ensures there is adult contact in case of any emergency.

With all factors considered, having an adult accompany 17-year-old travelers removes complications when booking and enhances the experience.


Ultimately, age limits exist to protect underage guests more than to restrict them.

When hotels work with 17-year-old travelers and their responsible parents, they can often find reasonable accommodations that focus on safety foremost. Open conversations and respectful attitudes from all sides keep travel at 17 hassle-free.

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