Can Amazon Send Packages to Your Hotel?

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Lots of people go on trips and stay in hotels.

You might order something from Amazon while on your trip. Can Amazon bring that order to your hotel for you? Let’s find out!

In this article, we will talk about:

  • Checking if your hotel accepts packages.
  • How to get packages shipped to your hotel.
  • What to do if there are issues with your order.
  • Tips for a smooth hotel delivery.
Can Amazon Send Packages to Your Hotel?

Does My Hotel Accept Package Deliveries?

The first thing to check is if your hotel takes packages for guests. Many hotels do accept deliveries. But some smaller hotels or bed and breakfast places may not.

It is important to make sure of these things while booking your hotels for 18-year-olds. Call the reception and ask if Amazon deliveries are available in the hotel or not.

Here are ways to find out:

1. Ask When You Book

When you make your hotel reservation, ask if they accept guest packages. The person booking your room can let you know the hotel’s policy.

2. Check the Hotel’s Website

Lots of hotel websites will say if they take packages. Look for a “Frequently Asked Questions” or “FAQ” section. There may be info on deliveries there.

3. Call the Front Desk

You can always call and ask the front desk staff at the hotel. Explain you want to order something from Amazon to be delivered during your stay. They’ll know if packages are allowed.

4. See if There’s a Form

Some hotels have forms you fill out to get something shipped there. Check the website or ask if they need a form for Amazon or other delivery company packages.

5. Look for Signs at the Hotel

When you arrive, see if there are signs about handling guest packages. The front desk or lobby might have info saying if and how they receive deliveries.

Getting an Amazon Order Sent to Your Hotel

If your hotel takes packages, here is how to get something sent from Amazon:

1. Use Your Hotel Address

When placing the order, use the full hotel name, address, and phone number as the shipping address. This helps the package get routed correctly.

2. Add Your Name

Be sure to put your name on the shipping address too. This allows hotel staff to know it is your package.

3. Give Dates You’ll be Staying

Add the check-in and check-out dates for your stay. For example “Hold for Guest John Smith staying 07/12/2023 – 07/15/2023.”

4. Pick a Shipping Speed

Choose the fastest shipping that gets your order there during your hotel stay. Standard speeds may arrive after you have left.

5. Let the Front Desk Know

You can let the front desk staff know you ordered a package. Give them the tracking number so they can also keep an eye out for its arrival.

What If There’s an Issue With Hotel Delivery?

Hopefully, your Amazon order will arrive at your hotel without any problems. But issues can come up, like:

  • The package is late getting there
  • The hotel can’t accept deliveries after a certain time
  • The order gets lost or damaged

Here are some tips on what to do if your hotel Amazon delivery has problems:

1. Talk to Hotel Staff

Politely speak to hotel employees about any delivery issues. See if they have more info on your package status or options to still get it in time.

2. Contact Amazon

If your order is late or lost, reach out to Amazon Customer Service. They can look into what happened and may offer a replacement item or credit.

3. Try to Adjust Travel Plans

If needed, see if you can extend your hotel stay by a day or two. That gives extra time for the package to be delivered. Just talk to the hotel about changing reservations.

4. Send Items Elsewhere

As a last resort, have your Amazon order sent to a family member or friend’s house instead. Or you can send it to your home to get it when you return from traveling.

Tips for Smooth Hotel Deliveries

Getting something shipped to where you are staying takes some extra planning. Here are handy tips:

  • Alert the hotel before your stay if you are awaiting a delivery
  • Use express or expedited shipping speeds when possible
  • Get tracking info and confirm order status with Amazon
  • Insure valuable items in case boxes get lost or damaged
  • Bring packaging tape if you need to return items to Amazon

Stay Organized!

Also, keep order details handy, like:

  • Confirmation email with tracking number
  • Invoice slip with package contents
  • Return labels and prepaid mailers (just in case)

By being prepared, you can enjoy seamless hotel deliveries from Amazon or other retailers!


Hotels have different policies on accepting guest packages. With some advance planning, you can likely get Amazon orders sent to your hotel.

Just check with the property first, follow package shipping instructions carefully, and take steps to handle any delivery issues promptly.

Then you can get that item you need in time for your vacation, business trip, or weekend getaway. Safe travels and happy hotel room shopping!


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