Can You Get Food Delivered To A Hotel?

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Staying at a hotel can be convenient when traveling, but finding good food nearby is not always easy.

Ordering food delivery is a great option to enjoy a meal without leaving your room. This article explains everything you need to know about getting food delivered to your hotel.

Can You Get Food Delivered To A Hotel?

Types of Food Delivery Services for Hotels

How Hotel Food Delivery Works

The Basic Process

  • Tell the restaurant your hotel name, room number and phone number
  • The delivery driver calls when they arrive
  • Meet them in the lobby or allow them to bring food to your room
  • You pay with cash or card just like any other delivery

Policies Vary By Hotel

  • Many hotels openly allow food deliveries
  • Some prohibit it or charge fees
  • Check with the front desk when you check-in

Delivery Timing and Access

  • Hotels have security policies for outside visitors
  • You may need to meet the driver in the lobby
  • This can delay delivery compared to home
  • Allow extra time and clarify timing with the restaurant

Finding Restaurants That Deliver to Hotels

Start With Major Delivery Apps

  • Popular apps like Uber Eats often have the most options
  • Browse restaurants located within a few miles of your hotel
  • Filter by dishes you want or use hotel address to see who delivers

Ask the Front Desk for Recommendations

  • Hotel staff often know the best local restaurants
  • Ask which places consistently deliver to the hotel
  • They may have menus and recommendations on hand

Call Restaurants Directly

  • Small independent restaurants may not use big delivery apps
  • Find options online or use Yellow Pages and call them directly
  • Ask if they deliver to your specific hotel and room number

Place Your Hotel Delivery Order

Provide Accurate Information Give the restaurant:

  • Your full hotel name, address and room number
  • On-site contact phone number in case of issues
  • Time you would like the food delivered

Specify Delivery Instructions

  • Should the driver call, text or just come to room?
  • Will you meet in lobby or are deliveries allowed to room?
  • Add any other preferences or requirements

Tip Your Driver Just like at home deliveries:

  • Tip 15-20% of the total order amount
  • Tip in cash for fastest service if possible
  • Say thank you and give 5-star rating in delivery app

Paying for Hotel Room Deliveries

Understand Payment Options

  • Many restaurants take credit cards and gift cards over the phone
  • But some smaller places are still cash only upon arrival
  • Ask about payment when you place order

Have Payment Ready When food arrives:

  • Have cash, credit card or other payment ready
  • For cash, give exact amount so driver doesn’t have to make change
  • Add tip on top of bill total

Avoid Very Large Orders If ordering for a group:

  • Call ahead to check if large order is OK or if there will be added fees
  • Stick to 2-3 entrees per person as large quantities can be prohibited

Dealing With Any Issues

Trouble Getting Access If driver can’t reach your room:

  • Ensure you provided hotel name, room number and contact info
  • Call restaurant to confirm order status
  • Head to lobby to assist

Late or Wrong Order As with any delivery:

  • If food doesn’t arrive within quoted time, call the restaurant
  • Check bags thoroughly for accuracy with your order
  • Reject wrong items before driver leaves if possible

Problems With Fees or Restrictions If hotel charges a fee or rejects delivery:

  • Ask why – clarify policies for next time
  • Have the restaurant hold order while you check out dining options
  • As last resort, arrange for taxi to pick up order for you


Ordering food delivery is convenient but takes some extra planning when staying at a hotel. Knowing the policies, providing detailed room information, tipping well and addressing any issues promptly will ensure the process goes smoothly. With an understanding of how hotel deliveries work, you can enjoy your favorite comfort foods on the road.


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