Can You Order Pizza to Your Hotel Room?

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Have you ever felt a late-night craving for hot, cheesy pizza while relaxing in your hotel room?

You’re not alone – ordering pizza is one of the most popular requests hotel guests make.

The good news is that yes, you typically can order pizza delivery straight to your hotel room door. Here’s an easy guide to how it works.

Choosing a Pizza Place that Delivers One of the first steps is picking a pizza restaurant that offers delivery to hotels in the area.

Most national pizza chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s will deliver right to hotels. You can also look for local independent pizza shops. The hotel front desk or concierge should have recommendations.

Can You Order Pizza to Your Hotel Room?

Things to Know When Ordering When you place your pizza order, the key details to have ready to give are:

  • Your name
  • Hotel name, address, and room number
  • The phone number you’re calling from
  • Description of your room location, like the floor number or wing. This helps the delivery driver find you faster.

Hot tip: Double-check if your hotel room door number matches the phone number. Oftentimes it does which makes it easy for the pizza delivery person.

Meeting the Pizza Delivery Person Hotels handle pizza deliveries in a couple of convenient ways:

  1. Front desk delivery: Some hotels will receive and store pizza deliveries at the front desk. You’ll get a call to come pick it up.
  2. Direct to the room: Other hotels allow the pizza delivery driver to bring your food straight to your room. In this case, here are some tips:
  • Be awake and listening for a knock at your door when they arrive
  • Have cash ready for tipping
  • Be quick since the driver usually can’t leave the order unattended

If you need utensils, napkins, or plates, make sure to ask the front desk. They’re always happy to provide them.

Payment Tips When it comes to paying for pizza delivery to a hotel, here are some clever tips:

  • Ask if they take credit card payments over the phone when you order. This makes payment easiest.
  • Have cash ready for tipping the pizza delivery driver. 15-20% is standard for good service.
  • Set aside $5-10 extra if you need to run down to the front desk or ATM.

Things that Delay Hotel Pizza Orders While hotel food delivery works seamlessly almost every time, here are a few things that can delay orders:

  • Big conferences, sports games, and community events: demand for pizzas spikes so delivery takes longer
  • New hotel employees may be unfamiliar with pizza delivery procedures
  • Understaffed front desks make bringing deliveries upstairs slower

The busier the hotel, the more important it is to have your room number 100% correct and be patient!

Special Requests One of the best parts of hot pizza delivery is having your food made just how you like it! Here are some fun special request tips:

  • Ask for extra sauce, pepperoni, or other favorite toppings
  • Request dipping sauces like garlic butter, ranch, or marinara if you want to avoid hotel prices!
  • Cut pizzas into squares instead of slices for easier hotel room sharing

Having food delivered means enjoying restaurant-quality meals without leaving your cozy room.

So go ahead – pick up the phone and order yourself a steaming hot pizza tonight! Hotel pizza parties are underrated.

Choosing Pizza Places That Deliver to Hotels

The very first thing you need to know when ordering pizza delivery to your hotel is if the restaurant delivers to hotels.

While most national pizza chains like Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa John’s typically will deliver to hotels in the area, some smaller independent pizzerias might not.

Before placing your order, you can call and ask the pizza restaurant if they deliver to nearby hotels.

At large chains, the staff will be used to this question. For smaller shops, you might need to provide the hotel address and get confirmation they can deliver there.

If you aren’t sure which pizza places deliver to hotels nearby, the front desk or concierge almost always has recommendations ready.

Let them know you want to order delivery for later and ask which pizza places they suggest. The hotel staff orders food regularly too, so they’ll share insider info on the best delivery options.

Choosing Pizza Places That Deliver to Hotels

Pro Traveler’s Tip

Hotel restaurants often close earlier in the night while room service stops even sooner.

So ordering pizza delivery is a delicious late-night option when you’re stuck with the munchies!

Providing Key Hotel Details For Faster Delivery Giving the pizza restaurant key information when placing your delivery order helps ensure the food arrives fresh and fast. Be ready to provide:

Your name – Confirm what name to list the order under, whether it’s your name or your hotel room reservation name. This prevents mix-ups.

Hotel name + street address – Double check your hotel address is 100% accurate. Knowing the correct hotel name helps delivery drivers punch it into their GPS for directions.

Your room number – This crucial detail helps the pizza delivery person locate your room faster once inside the hotel lobby.

Your phone number – Provide the best contact phone number for you, whether your cell phone or hotel room phone. In case of questions later, the driver can easily call you.

Room location clues – Describing vague room locations is tricky over the phone, so provide helpful clues like your floor number, room view details, or wing location.

Examples: “Room 538 in the South tower on the lake view side” or “Room 212 in the wing closest to the parking garage.”

This inside intel saves the pizza deliverer hunting around trying to stumble upon your room!

Pro Tip: Many hotels have room door numbers matching the room phone number.

So if you’re calling from Room 412, there’s a good chance your door also has 412 on it making delivery hand-offs easier.

Front Desk vs Room Delivery Hotels

Front Desk Pick-Up Some hotels take hot food deliveries directly at the front desk counter.

When the pizza arrives, the front desk staff will call up to your room to let you know. You just take the elevator down, show your room key or ID, grab your food, and head back up.

The benefit here is convenience for hotel staff and security. The drawback is your piping hot pizza sits getting cold until you mosey downstairs.

Direct Room Drop-Off Other hotels allow food deliveries straight to your room for ultimate convenience. The typical process goes:

  1. You order pizza for room delivery as usual
  2. When the driver arrives, the front desk calls up to confirm you’re expecting a delivery
  3. You go meet the driver near the elevators or lobby
  4. Driver hands you the hot food at your room door

With direct room service, make sure to:

  • Listen for phone calls from the front desk alerting a delivery has arrived
  • Have cash ready for tipping the driver
  • Be ready to meet the driver quickly since they often can’t leave orders unattended

No matter which system your hotel uses, the desk staff is always happy to provide extra napkins, plates, and utensils too if you need them to enjoy your meal.


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