Can You Smoke in Las Vegas Hotels?

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Las Vegas is famous for its hotels and casinos that allow smoking, but in recent years more properties are becoming smoke-free. So can you still smoke in Las Vegas hotel rooms, or have bans taken over completely?

Can You Smoke in Las Vegas Hotels?

Types of Hotels in Las Vegas

Luxury Resorts

The most high-end Vegas hotels and resorts, like Bellagio, Aria, and Wynn, have designated smoking floors or sections for their towers. However, most of their lobbies, restaurants, pools and general public areas are now 100% smoke-free.

Mid-Range Hotels

Many moderately priced hotels, like The LINQ, Paris, and Flamingo offer smoking-permitted rooms and slots areas, but have non-smoking hotel zones too. They normally have good ventilation systems to keep smoke away from common non-smoking spaces.

Value/Budget Stays

Cheap Las Vegas hotels and motels often allow smoking in rooms and on the casino floor since they cater more to frequent Vegas visitors who smoke. Examples like Oyo, Circus Circus or Sahara let guests smoke with fewer restrictions.

Smoke-Free Hotels

An increasing amount of hotels from all budget levels in Vegas are now completely smoke-free. Some ban smoking rooms include Park MGM, MGM Grand Signature, Delano and NoMad Hotel.

So Is Smoking Allowed In Vegas Hotels?

The bottom line is it depends on the individual Las Vegas hotel or casino. Since there is no universal law banning smoking in all Clark County hotels, it is up to each property to make their own smoking policies.

Approximately over 60% of hotels in Las Vegas still offer designated hotel rooms where smoking is allowed. However, most prohibit smoking in all general public hotel areas like lobbies, restaurants, pools and meeting spaces.

Las Vegas Strip Hotels Smoking Rules

  • The Las Vegas Strip is where most major resort-style hotels are concentrated. Below are the general smoking policies for Strip hotels:
  • Caesars Properties (Harrah’s, The LINQ, Flamingo, Paris) – Permit smoking in designated rooms & casino floors. All other public spaces are non-smoking.
  • MGM Properties (Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand) – Prohibit smoking in rooms but allow it on casino gaming floors. Certain towers or floors allow smoking.
  • Cosmopolitan – Recently prohibited smoking hotel-wide, including rooms & casino.
  • The Venetian, Treasure Island, Circus Circus – Allow smoking rooms & smoking on casino floors. Some restaurants may permit it too.
  • Wynn/Encore – Permit smoking in designated tower floors and casino gaming areas only. All other areas are non-smoking.
  • Rules are changing – As more hotels renovate, more ban smoking altogether in rooms and public zones. The trend is towards smoke-free Vegas resorts.

Downtown Vegas, Off-Strip & Motels

Downtown hotels like Golden Nugget, The D and Four Queens allow smoking in rooms and casinos. Budget motels and off-Strip properties also tend to permit smoking with fewer restrictions compared to major Strip hotels.

Why Are Vegas Hotels Banning Smoking?

There are a few reasons behind the shift towards Vegas hotels prohibiting smoking, including:

  1. Health concerns – Both hotel guests and staff are at risk from second-hand smoke. Smoke-filled rooms can also exacerbate medical issues.
  2. Reduce cleaning costs & complaints – Non-smoking rooms require less cleaning, odour removal and renovation from smoke damage.
  3. Appeal to younger crowds – Las Vegas wants to rebrand as a luxury destination as much as a party one. Smoke-free hotels attract more families and millennials.
  4. COVID-19 worries – The pandemic increased health awareness. Hotels now need to implement more sanitization policies incompatible with smoking rooms.

Do Vegas Casinos Still Allow Cigars & Vaping?

The majority of Las Vegas casinos still permit cigar and pipe smoking in designated lounge areas or zones away from the main casino. However, most prohibit people walking around the casino smoking large cigars.

Vaping and e-cigarettes are also prohibited in public non-smoking zones at hotels. You also cannot smoke or vape cannabis anywhere at a hotel or casino, even if you have a medical license.

Ordering Smoking Rooms at Vegas Hotels

Those who still wish to smoke cigarettes during their Vegas trip do have plenty of hotel options still permitting smoking.

When reserving rooms, specifically request a “smoking-permitted room”. Some hotels have particular room categories for this.

You’ll likely need to sign a waiver upon check-in agreeing to smoking fees if rooms require deep-cleaning from residual odours or burn marks. Having a smoking room also often means accepting a lower-quality view.

Tip: Always clarify with the hotel first if unable to find a smoking room category online. Don’t assume all Vegas hotels still allow smoking without asking first!

Vegas Smoking Fees & Fines to Know

Before lighting up, know that most Las Vegas hotels charge extra mandatory “smoking fees” ranging from $100 to $250 when booking smoking rooms – even if you don’t actually smoke in them!

Additionally, those caught smoking anything in non-designated hotel areas may be fined anywhere from $200 to $500 per instance. Fines at smoke-free properties soar even higher to $1000+ in some cases.

Places You Cannot Smoke Legally In Vegas

Beyond increasingly extensive hotel prohibitions, note there are many other public places in Vegas where smoking is illegal, including:

  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Bars & lounges
  • Shopping malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Movie theaters
  • Public parks & beaches

There are also no more slot machine zones or poker rooms where smoking is allowed anymore. Patrons must go outdoors to public sidewalks for a legal smoke.

The Future Of Vegas Smoking Policies

Major Vegas resorts continue to slowly adopt more extensive non-smoking policies over time to keep up with societal health trends and appeal to contemporary travelers.

Visitors who wish to smoke cigarettes, cigars or marijuana during their Vegas trip should always contact hotels ahead to learn current regulations before assuming they permit smoking hotel-wide in this day and age.

While the myth that “anything goes in Vegas” still lingers, smoking laws have tightened considerably across Nevada over the past decade.

Smokers need to pay attention to bans that can lead to hefty fines if caught violating them as the city aims to protect public health. Hotels now offer fewer exemptions from these crackdowns compared to Vegas’ early unrestrained “Sin City” days.

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