How Many 7-Star Hotels Are There in the World?

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When it comes to luxury hotels, the 5 star rating is typically the highest level that gets awarded. But an even more exclusive category exists above that – the 7 star hotel.

These ultra-luxurious properties provide some of the most opulent accommodations and amenities in the world. But just how many of these over-the-top hotels are there?

The total number worldwide is very small, but the count is growing as more lavish properties continue to open.

Keep reading to learn exactly how many 7 star hotels exist globally today, where they are located, what features they offer, and what it costs to stay at one of these elite establishments.

How Many 7 Star Hotels Are There in the World?

What Qualifies a Hotel as 7 Star?

There is no official universal rating system for 7 star hotels.

Unlike the well-defined standards for 5 star hotels, the 7 star distinction is more subjective. However, these hotels tend to have certain common attributes:

  • Breathtaking architecture and interior design using premium materials
  • Impeccable, personalized service with very high staff to guest ratios
  • Unique, over-the-top amenities like private butlers, champagne on arrival, elite spas, Michelin-starred restaurants, etc.
  • Prime, exclusive locations
  • Rooms starting at upwards of $1,000 per night

Essentially, 7 star hotels provide accommodations, facilities, and service that is several levels above even 5 star standards.

The attention to detail is unmatched with no expense spared. Staying at one of these hotels is seen as the pinnacle of luxury travel.

Total Number of 7 Star Hotels Worldwide

Currently, there are approximately 16 hotels worldwide that have been designated as 7 star. Here is the breakdown by location:

Europe – 7

  • Hotel Cala di Volpe (Italy)
  • Le Palais Bulles (France)
  • Lisboa Palace (Portugal)
  • Hotel President Wilson (Switzerland)
  • Grand Resort Lagonissi (Greece)
  • LifeCo Detox & Well Being Resort (Greece)
  • Château de Castel Novel (France)

Asia – 5

  • Gokulam Park Dubai (UAE)
  • The Palace Downtown Dubai (UAE)
  • Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  • Raj Palace (India)
  • Island Shangri-La Hong Kong (China)

North America – 2

  • The Plaza New York (USA)
  • Fairmont Pacific Rim (Canada)

Australia – 2

  • Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort (Maldives)
  • Laucala Island Resort (Fiji)

So while 7 star hotels can be found across the world, there is a higher concentration in Europe and Asia. The United Arab Emirates alone has 3 properties bearing the rating.

Notable Features of 7 Star Hotels

Some standout features and amenities you can expect when staying at one of these elite hotels include:

  • 24 hour personal butler service
  • Champagne and caviar house specialties
  • Fine dining restaurants with Michelin Star chefs
  • In-room massage and spa treatments
  • Rooftop infinity pools high above the city
  • Complimentary luxury vehicle airport transfers
  • Nightly live music and entertainment
  • Access to elite clubs and lounges
  • On-call doctors and childcare
  • High tech amenities like touch control panels, robot room service, super speedy WiFi
  • Insane bathrooms with features like saunas, heated Japanese toilet seats, chromotherapy tubs.
  • Pillow menus with dozens of options
  • Exclusive partnerships with luxury brands for in-hotel boutiques and amenities.

The goal of every 7 star hotel is to anticipate a guest’s every possible need or wish before they even think of it themselves. The sheer level of personalization and amenities creates an unparalleled luxury experience found nowhere else.

What is the Most Expensive 7 Star Hotel?

Room rates at 7 star hotels are very high, but some are more pricey than others.

Currently, the most expensive 7 star hotel in the world is the Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

This two-story suite spans 9,000 square feet and costs a staggering $100,000 per night. For that rate, guests get:

  • 24 Hour butler service
  • Chauffeured Rolls Royce pickup
  • Luxury car rental
  • Private glass elevator
  • Butler’s kitchen
  • Cantilevered outdoor pool
  • Luxury spa facilities
  • Salon and barbershop services
  • Free cosmetic treatments
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Unlimited food and alcohol

$100,000 is an extreme example, but nightly rates at standard rooms in 7 star hotels often start above $1,000. It’s certainly not affordable for the average traveler.

Can 7 Star Hotels Maintain Their Standards?

Despite their opulence, 7 star hotels actually face challenges when it comes to maintaining their standards over time.

Because ratings are unofficial, there is no oversight body ensuring that 7 star properties continue to meet ultra-luxury benchmarks.

Issues they contend with include:

  • Pressure from owners/shareholders to cut costs and increase profit
  • High guest expectations that are difficult to continually surpass
  • Opening of new competing ultra-luxury hotels
  • Balancing growth while retaining intimate service levels
  • Keeping amenities and designs fresh and current
  • Economic downturns impacting demand for luxury travel

It can be extremely difficult, even for established 7 star hotels, to uphold the ridiculously high levels of quality, innovation, and service on an ongoing basis.

Nonetheless, for now, guests can continue to enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences by staying at these pinnacle establishments.

The number of 7 star hotels is likely to grow as more fantastic properties vie for a place at the very top.

Key Takeaways

  • There are approximately 16 hotels designated as 7 star worldwide, concentrated in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • 7 star hotels offer unmatched levels of personalization, amenities, accommodations, and service that exceed 5 star standards.
  • Features include butlers, Michelin dining, elite spas, personalized details, and over-the-top room facilities.
  • Rates typically start around $1,000 USD per night. The most expensive is $100,000 a night in Las Vegas.
  • Maintaining 7 star standards long-term can be challenging for hotels due to high costs and guest expectations.

While staying at a 7 star hotel may not be realistic for most, it’s still intriguing to get a glimpse into the tremendous levels of luxury that exist at the very pinnacle of the hotel industry.

These exceptionally elite hotels represent the ultimate dream in exclusive, high-end travel experiences.

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