How Much Does a Hotel Room Cost Per Week?

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When planning travel, accommodation costs are a major factor. Hotel rooms provide a convenient lodging option for week-long vacations or work trips.

But how much should you expect to budget for a hotel room on a weekly basis?

Overall hotel room rates can vary greatly based on the location, quality rating, amenities, season, and other factors.

By understanding the cost influencing variables, you can better estimate and compare expected weekly rates.

How Much Does a Hotel Room Cost Per Week?

Average Hotel Room Cost Per Week 

Across all hotel categories nationwide, the average nightly rate for a standard double occupancy room is approximately $130. At this rate, a 7-night hotel stay would cost around **$910** on average.

The nightly average ranges from budget motels around $60 per night up to luxury hotels that can run $500 or higher nightly. Mid-tier hotels generally fall between $100 to $250 per night.

But simply multiplying the average nightly rate by 7 nights can oversimplify longer hotel stays. Weeklong rates are usually discounted compared to the single night cost.

Weekly and Extended Stay Discounts

Hotels offer discounted weekly rates to encourage longer stays. This discounts the price anywhere from 10%-30% compared to the base nightly rate.

For example, a hotel with a peak nightly rate of $150 may offer weekly rates from $105-$120 per night. This adds up to **$735-$840** for 7 nights.

Deep discounts like 30% off are more common in year-round warm destinations competing for extended winter vacations. Regional hotels may offer 10%-20% discounts for week stays during their off-season.  

Factors Influencing Weekly Hotel Rates

Many variables affect the weekly cost and discounts:

  • Location – Big cities and resort destinations cost more than rural areas.
  • Hotel Rating – 5-star properties charge higher rates than 3-star hotels. 
  • Room Type – Suites cost extra compared to a standard room.
  • Season – Rates rise during peak spring and summer seasons.
  • Events – Local conventions, festivals, or sports raise demand and prices.
  • Amenities – Room service, pools, gyms boost rates.
  • Occupancy – Low season with vacancies means better discounts.
  • Negotiable Rates – No set weekly rate means haggling over the price.

Shopping around and flexible timing can help find the best value based on these factors.

Estimated Weekly Hotel Costs by Location

Average weekly hotel rates for a standard double room by popular destination:

  • New York City – $1700-$2000 
  • London – $1200-$1500
  • Las Vegas – $500-$800
  • Miami Beach – $800-$1200  
  • San Francisco – $1000-$1300
  • Orlando – $500-$700
  • Cancun, Mexico – $700-$900
  • Paris – $900-$1200
  • Honolulu – $800-$1000

Rates swell even higher at 5-star properties in top global destinations like London, Paris, and New York. More affordable tourist spots like Orlando offer lower average weekly rates. 

Saving on Weekly Hotel Stays 

Beyond hunting for discounted weekly rates, other tips can trim hotel costs for 7+ night stays:

  • Travel off-peak – Avoid peak summer schedules and holidays. 
  • Price compare – Use aggregator sites to find rate deals.
  • Negotiate rates – Leverage longer stay for bargains at independent hotels.
  • Earn rewards – Redeem points or status for free nights.  
  • Split stays – Book a few nights in two cheap locations.
  • Stay just outside – Commute from a nearby suburb for savings.
  • Downgrade amenities – Opt for room-only rates.
  • Book a suite – Get more value by sharing a bigger room.

A little flexibility goes a long way when seeking more affordable weekly hotel rates.

Cheapest Hotels for Weekly Stays 

For ultra budget-conscious travelers, hostels and no frill hotels provide the most economical extended stay lodging. Options like:

  • Hostels – $200-$400 per week for dorm bunks. 
  • Motel chains like Motel 6, Super 8, Travelodge – $350-$700 for simple rooms with few amenities.
  • Extended stay suites with kitchens – Around $600-$800 at brands like InTown Suites, Candlewood Suites.
  • Airbnbs or VRBO vacation rentals – Entire apartments rent around $500-$1000 per week in many areas.

While basic, these provide substantial savings for week-long stays.

When Weekly Hotel Rates Offer More Value

Booking by the week can maximize value in these scenarios:

  • Long vacation trips of a week or more
  • Out-of-town projects lasting multiple weeks
  • Monthly or seasonal hotel rates 
  • Group or family travel where you need multiple rooms
  • In cities with high nightly rates like New York or London

The extra discount earned makes weekly rates the better bargain compared to paying nightly.

Bottom Line on Weekly Hotel Costs

While hotel rates are rarely cheap for a week, discounts of 10-30% off standard rates help cut costs. The relative value varies greatly based on location, quality, amenities and seasonal demand.

But flexible travelers can find weekly rates under $1000/week in many destinations. Savvy shopping for discounted longer stay rates can extend hotel budgets.

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