How Often Do Hotels Actually Wash Comforters?

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Ever peeled back crisp white bedsheets at a hotel and wondered, “Just how clean is that fluffy comforter I’m snuggling into?” It’s a fair question when resting where strangers regularly rotate through.

This article will cover how frequently hotels clean comforters, sheets, and other bedding between guests. Read on to lifting the veil on these cleaning mysteries!

Typical Hotel Comforter Cleaning Cycles

Most hotels only wash comforters 2-3 times per year or when visibly soiled. Why so infrequently? Several practical factors limit more regular comforter cleaning:

  • Significant labor costs to handle cumbersome size/weight
  • Only 1-2 staff on duty to wash all linens
  • No commercial machines large enough onsite

To offset this, hotels place moisture-resistant barrier covers underneath comforters to shield inner fill from guest contact. This protective layer gets washed more routinely than the entire comforter.

Variation Between Hotels

Comforter washing frequency fluctuates substantially based on hotel size, staff, facilities, etc:

  • Budget Hotels – every 4-12 weeks
  • Moderate Hotels – every 8-16 weeks
  • Upscale Hotels – monthly or bi-monthly
  • Luxury Hotels – every 2-6 weeks
  • Small Inns/B&Bs – after each guest

High-end and smaller capacity venues often provide better comforter care. But shortcuts still sometimes occur if unseen stains or odors aren’t obvious when making beds.

Do Other Bedding Items Get Washed More Often?

Within capabilities based on size and machinery, hotels consistently launder these linens between all guests:

  • Top and Fitted Sheets
  • Pillow Protectors
  • Mattress Pads
  • Duvet Barrier Covers
  • Blankets

Having multiple sets of sheets and blankets on rotation enables changing over the bed while sending out the last guest’s dirty bundle to wash.

Multi-Layer Bedding Provides Backup Protection

To safeguard against lingering germs between infrequent comforter cleaning, hotels smartly engineer the whole bed:

  • Surface Layer → Duvet Cover Over Comforter
  • Mid Layer → Flat Sheet Tucked Under Comforter
  • Deep Layer → Fitted Sheet Wrapping Mattress

This layered approach minimizes contact with the inner comforter fill that may only get washed 1-2 times per year. Daily washing of barrier protectors and sheets adds hygiene.

When Should You Request New Bedding?

While comforters may not make it into the wash cycle all that often, guests do retain power to request fresh linens brought in for bed making.

You can ask housekeeping to change the sheets, pillow cases, blankets etc without needing to provide any reason.

However, ordering a total swap of comforters mid-stay is trickier depending on staffing. Still, a simple request for cleaning due to allergies or personal comfort should suffice at most venues.

Alternatives to Enjoy Fresh, Clean Bedding

Travelers extra passionate about cleanliness can proactively secure guaranteed freshly washed bedding through:

  • Luxury Hotels Known for Immaculate Housekeeping
  • Newly Built Hotel Properties With All New Items
  • Shorter Gap From Prior Guests (Midweek Stays)
  • Bringing Your Own Bedding for Peace of Mind

When in doubt of bedding’s cleanliness, strip it yourself upon arrival. Then call housekeeping to nicely ask, “Could someone please remake the bed with fresh sheets?”

That should yield thoroughly washed linens untouched since the last occupant checked out. Rest assured under crisp sheets washed far more often than the snuggly comforter wrapped around you!

Jennifer Tuffen
Jennifer Tuffen

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