How To Call Front Desk From Hotel Room?

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Have you ever needed something from the front desk during your hotel stay, but weren’t sure how to contact them?

Calling the front desk is very easy once you know how. In this article, we’ll walk through the simple process step-by-step.

Plus, we’ll cover what kinds of requests you can make and hotel front desk etiquette. After reading, you’ll feel confident about calling for assistance during your next hotel stay.

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What is the Front Desk?

The front desk is the check-in area in the hotel lobby. It is staffed 24/7 by customer service representatives known as front desk agents.

The agents can assist with reservations, check-ins, check-outs, and concierge services, and handle requests from guests.

Why Would I Need to Call the Front Desk?

You may need to call down to the front desk for various reasons during your stay, including:

  • Requesting room service
  • Asking for more towels or toiletries
  • Troubleshooting issues like a broken TV or no hot water
  • Asking for late check-out
  • Reporting maintenance issues like a clogged toilet
  • Asking for recommendations about the area

1. Placing a Call from Your Room Phone

Nearly all hotel rooms come equipped with a room phone you can use to call the front desk and other hotel services. Here is how it works:

2. Lifting the Receiver

First, lift the receiver on your hotel room phone just like you would any other phone. Often the phone will be mounted on the bedside nightstand or desk.

3. Locating the Front Desk Button

Once you’ve picked up the receiver, look for a button labeled “Front Desk.” This button connects you directly to the front desk. Press it before dialing.

4. Dial Reception Number

If there is no front desk button, simply dial “0” Or The Mentioned Reception Number On the Phone/Reception Area on the keypad.

This is an easy shortcut for reaching the front desk at any hotel.

5. Listening to the Ringing

You’ll hear the phone ring on the other end as your call is connected. Typically someone answers very quickly – within 3 rings or less.

6. Making Your Request

When the front desk agent answers your call, clearly explain why you are calling.

For example, say “Hi, this is Lucy in room 312. May I please get some extra towels sent up to my room when you have a chance?”

7. Ending the Call

Once the agent has helped with your request, confirm any next steps if needed.

For instance, ask what the timeframe is if you’ve requested room service or maintenance. Before hanging up, thank them for their assistance.

Helpful Tips for Contacting the Front Desk

Follow these tips to make your calls with the front desk pleasant and effective:

  • Speak clearly and avoid mumbling so they can understand you
  • Give your full name and room number when making requests
  • Avoid calling very late at night or very early in the morning for non-urgent issues
  • Practice patience during busy times since call volume is higher
  • End each call politely by thanking the agent for their help

Common Front Desk Requests

Expensive hotels always try to provide the best possible service to their customers. Here are some of the most frequent requests fielded by the hotel’s front desk staff:

  1. Room Service – To order food or drinks to your room
  2. Housekeeping Requests – Such as more towels, sheets, blankets or pillows
  3. Maintenance Issues – Like power outages, broken amenities, plumbing problems
  4. Concierge Assistance – For recommendations or reservations for area attractions and restaurants
  5. Forgotten Toiletry Items – Such as razors, toothpaste, combs, or contact solution
  6. Ride Share/Taxi Arrangements – Help schedule airport shuttles, taxis, or ride shares
  7. Checkout Extensions – Requests for late checkouts past the standard time
  8. Luggage Storage – For storing bags before check-in or after checkout
  9. Transportation Help – Assistance getting to the airport, metro station, or local destinations
  10. Directions – Guidance on finding hotel amenities or local attractions and stores.


Callers must remember that front desk agents are there expressly to support guest needs and ensure satisfactory hotel stays.

Still, kindness, patience, and manners get the best results when contacting the front desk.

We hope this beginner’s guide gives you the confidence to easily call the front desk next time you have a request during a hotel stay.

Knowing how to use your in-room phone to connect with helpful hotel staff can make travel far less stressful.


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