How to Score a Free Hotel Night

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Want to know the secret for scoring a free night at a hotel? With some strategic planning and clever negotiating, you may be able to snag a comped hotel room for a night or two. Keep reading and I’ll share 10 insider tips to help you land a free stay.

Ask About Complimentary Upgrades

When checking in, politely ask the front desk agent if there are any complimentary upgrades available. Hotels often have flexibility to upgrade select guests to nicer rooms. By asking, you may get bumped to a more expensive room for no added cost.

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Join Hotel Loyalty Programs

Enroll in hotels’ loyalty programs, which are typically free to join. Earning points and status can qualify you for free nights, room upgrades, dining credits and more. Chain hotels like Hilton, Marriott and Hyatt have well-known rewards programs that offer members valuable perks and discounts.

Book on Points

If you have hotel rewards points or credit card points, redeem them for an award night. Many hotel chains allow you to cash in points for free room certificates with no blackout dates. Just be sure to review award charts so you know how many points are needed per night.

Travel Off-Season

Rates are often lower during off-peak seasons, meaning your points and cash will go further, and comps are easier to come by. Visiting beach locales in winter or major cities mid-week rather than weekends can mean bigger savings and greater chance for a freebie.

Ask For a Status Match

If you have top-tier elite status with one hotel chain, ask a competing brand for a status match. Provide proof of your current status and see if the new hotel will match it. Status matches will give you VIP access to upper-level perks and benefits right away.

How to Score a Free Hotel Night

Negotiate an Extended Stay

If planning a longer trip, negotiate a free night by agreeing to stay multiple nights. Offer to book a week-long stay if they comp your first or last night. Extended stays appeal to hotels aiming to increase occupancy rates.

Book Packaged Offers

Watch for hotel deals that bundle discounted rates with dining credits, spa credits, parking or activity vouchers that are valued equal to or greater than the base rate. You’re still paying, but the effective rate becomes cheaper with bundled perks—possibly even free.

Rent Out Your Room

Turn the tables and earn money by charging others to stay in the room you booked for free. List extra space on rental platforms like Airbnb if permitted, and pocket the cash while keeping your savings. Just be aware of hotel policies on subletting before proceeding.

Join Casino Players Clubs

Sign up for casino players clubs in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or tribal casino destinations. Based on recorded slot play and table games betting, members can earn free nights, food and beverage credits and more at on-site or affiliated hotels.

Volunteer for Timeshare Presentations

Timeshare companies entice visitors to attend sales pitches by gifting free stays at associated resorts. Sit through a 90-120 minute presentation, take a polite “no thank you” when offered to buy, and then enjoy credits for night(s) in a suite or villa.

So there you have it—10 savvy tips for scoring free hotel nights for the crafty and creative traveler. Flex your negotiation muscles, take advantage of off-peak travel and leverage hotel loyalty programs.

With a bit of strategizing, you’ll be resting your head gratis in comfortable accommodations in no time. Let me know if any of these ideas leads you to a successful free night—I love to hear when readers are able to put this advice to good use!

Jennifer Tuffen
Jennifer Tuffen

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