How to Sign Out of Netflix on a Hotel Room TV

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When staying at a hotel, you may end up accessing your personal Netflix account through the in-room TV. This allows you to conveniently watch Netflix during your stay.

But before checking out, it’s important to fully sign out of your Netflix profile to protect your account.

Signing out removes access and prevents the next guest or anyone else from using your profile. With smart TVs now standard in hotels, signing out of streaming apps is an essential security step.

Follow this simple guide to sign out of Netflix across the various smart TV platforms found in hotel rooms.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on a Hotel Room TV

Accessing Netflix on Hotel Room TVs

Most hotels now provide internet-connected smart TVs with apps including Netflix. To access your Netflix account, use the TV remote to:

  • Select the Netflix app icon on the smart TV homepage.
  • Choose to activate a new device and enter the unique Netflix activation code displayed on screen.
  • Sign in using your Netflix email and password when prompted.

This links your personal Netflix account to the in-room TV allowing full access to your profiles, viewing history, and recommendations.

Why Sign Out of Hotel Room Netflix?

There are a few key reasons you’ll want to make sure to fully sign out of Netflix before checking out of a hotel:

  • Protect your account credentials and personal info from the next guest.
  • Prevent other people from watching shows on your membership during your stay.
  • Stop recommendations from getting skewed by someone else’s viewing.
  • Avoid unexpected charges if the next guest views premium paid content.
  • Remove access to your profiles and viewing history which are set to personal preferences.

Taking a minute to sign out provides security, privacy, and controls access to protect your Netflix account.

Signing Out via TV Settings

The exact steps to sign out of Netflix can vary a bit by the smart TV platform used in the hotel room. Most in-room TVs run on either LG, Samsung, or Roku systems. Here is how to sign out from each:

LG Smart TVs:

  • Press the Home button on the remote and select the Netflix app.
  • Use the remote buttons to select the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Choose “Sign out of Netflix” and confirm when prompted.

Samsung Smart TVs:

  • From the Netflix app, use remote to navigate to the lower menu.
  • Select the Settings icon, choose Account, then Sign Out.
  • Confirm by selecting Sign Out again on the prompt.

Roku TVs:

  • From the main Roku homepage, go to Settings.
  • Navigate to Account > Netflix > Sign Out
  • Roku will display “Signed Out” to confirm logout completed.

These steps remove your Netflix association so that the next guest has to sign in with their own account.

Signing Out via Netflix Website

If the in-room TV doesn’t give you logging out options, you can also sign out remotely from the Netflix website:

  1. On your computer, tablet, or phone, go to
  2. Enter your account login email and password to access account settings.
  3. Under account settings, choose “Sign out of all devices”.
  4. Confirm sign out when prompted.

This will instantly log every device using your Netflix account out remotely, including the hotel room TV.

Using Temporary “Hotel” Profile

For convenience, consider creating a special “Hotel” profile on Netflix solely for accessing during hotel stays:

  • Make this secondary profile separate from your main personal one.
  • Don’t allow it to influence recommendations on your main profile.
  • Remove it after each trip to clear any hotel room viewing history.
  • Only use this “Hotel” profile when accessing Netflix via in-room TVs.

With a dedicated travel profile, your main Netflix account stays protected in hotels. Just log the secondary profile out remotely when done with the stay.

Extra Tips for Safely Using Hotel TV Apps

  • Never save your Netflix password on hotel TVs when signing in. Always manually enter it.
  • Double check the TV platform for any Netflix profiles left signed in by previous guests and log them out.
  • Consider using a virtual debit card or gift card to protect payment info.
  • Enable 2-factor authentication on your Netflix account for added security on new devices.
  • Be sure to also sign out of any other streaming apps accessed through the room’s smart TV.
  • If unsure how to fully log out, call the front desk for assistance before checking out.

Take precautions to keep your Netflix account and all streaming apps secured in hotel rooms. Signing out properly only takes a moment and ensures privacy.

What If You Can’t Sign Out of Netflix?

If you encounter issues logging out through the in-room TV, take these steps:

  • Try restarting the TV and Netflix app before attempting sign out again.
  • For Roku TVs, initiate a Roku factory reset to wipe all account associations.
  • Sign out remotely via the Netflix website as a failsafe method.
  • Call Netflix support for help logging out of devices and deactivating account access.
  • If all else fails, change your Netflix password once home to invalidate access.

Losing access to sign out emphasizes the importance of remote sign out options and using unique traveler profiles to limit risks.

Don’t Forget to Sign Out!

The convenience of accessing your own Netflix account through an in-room TV can be a nice perk during hotel stays. But before you check out, take a minute to properly sign out of the Netflix app on the TV.

This simple habit prevents account access misuse, protects your privacy, and secures your streaming profiles. Sign out and relax knowing your account won’t be compromised.

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