How To Use A Hotel Phone To Call Someone?

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Staying at a hotel can be confusing if you have never used a hotel room phone before. Making calls from your room might seem difficult.

But it is very easy!

In this article, we will teach you how to use a hotel phone in simple steps.

Understanding The Hotel Phone Most hotel rooms have a telephone on the desk or next to the bed.

Some hotels have cordless phones and some have corded phones. The buttons and screens may also look different based on the hotel. But all hotel phones work similarly.

Expensive hotels generally allow their guest to use their phone to call anywhere they want.

How To Use A Hotel Phone To Call Someone?

The phone will have numbers, just like a regular phone. It will also have other buttons that allow you to access hotel services or view costs. Some common buttons are:

  • Front Desk – To call the hotel reception
  • Room Service – To order food to your room
  • Voicemail – To access your messages
  • Messages – To view text messages from the hotel
  • Charge – To view call charges
  • Volume – To increase or lower the volume

If you are booking a hotel for an 18-year-old stay in your city, make sure to check out all these terms and conditions and ask directly to the hotels.

Making A Call Here is how to make a call from your hotel room in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pick Up The Receiver Lift the phone receiver up or take the cordless phone off its handle. Once you pick it up, you will hear a dial tone. This means the phone is ready to use.
  2. Dial The Number Use the number keys to enter the full phone number. Remember to include the area code if calling long distance.
  3. Press Call or Talk Look for a button labeled Call, Talk, Send or something similar. Press this button to connect your call.

Who Can I Call From The Hotel Phone?

You can call different numbers from your hotel room phone:

1. Call Another Room

To call another room inside the hotel, dial the 5-digit room number. For example, to call Room 412, you would dial 4-1-2-0-0.

2. Call A Local Number

To call a local number in the same city, dial normally as you would from your own phone at home.

3. Call Long Distance

For long-distance calls within the country, dial 1 followed by the area code and full phone number.

4. Call International

For international calls, first dial 0 or see if your phone has an International Call button. Then follow the prompts to enter the country code and phone number.

5. Call Emergency Services

In case of any emergency, dial the emergency number in that location. This is usually 9-1-1 in most countries.

Useful Features Of Hotel Phones Hotel phones provide useful features to improve your stay:

  • Wake-Up Call – Set an alarm so hotel staff can wake you up.
  • Voice Mail – Receive recorded messages if you miss a call.
  • Text Messages – Get useful alerts and notifications from hotel staff.
  • Speed Dial – Save frequently used numbers for fast dialing.
  • Call Forwarding – Forward calls to your mobile phone or another room.

Be sure to ask the front desk about enabling these features if needed.

How Much Does It Cost To Use The Hotel Phone?

Using the hotel phone generally costs money. Here are the typical charges:

  1. Local Calls – $0.50 to $2 per call
  2. Long Distance Calls – $1 to $4 per minute International Calls – $4 to $10 per minute
  3. Emergency Calls – Free Hotel Services – Free (Room Service, Front Desk etc)

Many hotels charge per call. Others charge based on the duration and location called. Calling hotel services is free but calling other numbers will incur charges that get billed to your room.

Key Takeaways

  • Hotel phones work just like regular phones but allow you to call hotel departments easily
  • Pick up the receiver, dial the number and press Call to make a call
  • You can call emergency numbers, local numbers, long distance numbers and international numbers for a fee
  • Useful features like wake up calls, call forwarding etc improve your stay
  • Local and international calls involve charges but calling hotel services is free


We hope this beginner’s guide has shown you how easy it is to use your hotel room phone.

Right from making local calls to calling the front desk, you can now easily make calls during your stay.

Just be mindful of the call charges applicable. Have a great stay and happy calling!


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