Is Agoda Trustworthy for Booking Hotels?

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Agoda is a popular website for booking discounted hotel rooms worldwide. But is it a trustworthy option for travelers?

Let’s take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of using Agoda.

Overview of Agoda

Founded in 2005 in Thailand, Agoda is an online travel agency (OTA) specializing in hotel bookings. Key facts:

  • Lists over 2.5 million hotels worldwide
  • Offers rooms in both English and Asian languages
  • Mobile app and website available
  • Focuses on Asia-Pacific region
  • Owned by Booking Holdings which owns, Kayak and others

Agoda competes with sites like Expedia, Priceline and direct hotel booking. It aims to provide discounted rates in exchange for advance payment.

Advantages of Booking Through Agoda

There are some good reasons to consider using Agoda:

1. Huge Hotel Selection

With over 2.5 million properties globally, you can find just about any hotel on Agoda. This includes major chains, independent hotels, small guesthouses, apartments and more.

2. Discounted Rates

Agoda negotiates discounts with hotels in exchange for volume bookings. The savings can be 10-15% below published rates. Members also get access to exclusive promo codes and flash sales.

3. Easy Price Comparisons

The site makes it simple to compare hotel prices across multiple properties in a destination. You can filter by price, rating, amenities and location.

4. Local Expertise

With roots in Asia, Agoda provides specialized access to hotels and inns across the region. This includes international and local options.

5. No Hidden Fees

Agoda displays the full price including taxes upfront. There are no nasty surprises from hidden fees after you book.

6. Cancellation Options

Many room rates allow free cancellation outside 24-48 hours depending on the hotel policy. You can easily cancel or modify a booking as needed.

Potential Drawbacks and Risks

However, there are also some downsides to weigh:

1. Advance Payment

Agoda requires full prepayment for bookings with no refunds. This locks you into the room with penalties if you change plans.

2. Customer Service Issues

Some reviews cite poor customer service and slow responses to problems with bookings. Resolving disputes can be tedious.

3. Bait and Switch Tactics

In rare cases, customers report arriving to find the confirmed room unavailable. The hotel may force an upgrade fee for the booked room type.

4. Hidden Fees at Hotels

While Agoda shows the full price, some partner hotels add resort fees, parking, taxes etc. only after check-in.

5. Credit Card Theft

Very rarely, serious data breaches have exposed credit card details used on Agoda. These require card cancellation when incidents occur.

6. Bad Hotel Options

With minimal vetting of hotels, you risk booking a low-quality or unsafe property if not reading reviews carefully.

Is Agoda Ultimately Trustworthy?

There are certainly risks to weigh with any online booking site. But overall, Agoda presents a legitimate way for travelers to secure discounted hotel rates.

A few points help establish it as a fundamentally trustworthy option:

  • Operates legally as registered business with public address
  • Backed by reputable parent company Booking Holdings
  • Uses secure data encryption for financial transactions
  • Verified by fraud prevention groups like Jumio
  • Shows legitimate contact details for all properties
  • Does not lure guests with false pricing like scam sites
  • Displays policies clearly upfront before booking
  • Provides real service and support channels

For extra assurance, pay with a credit card for transaction protection. Avoid paying large sums upfront.

And carefully vet properties through reviews. With smart usage, Agoda can securely save you money on hotels worldwide.

The Bottom Line

While no booking site is 100% risk-free, Agoda is considered a legitimate and largely trustworthy platform backed by an established travel brand.

Stay vigilant, but feel confident using its services to unlock discounted hotel rates across thousands of properties worldwide.


I'm Jennifer Tuffen, a travel enthusiast and storyteller, six years and 10+ countries deep into a journey of discovery and cultural immersion.