Is Booking Travel Through Safe?

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Wondering if is a legit and trustworthy site for booking flights, hotels, and vacation packages? With tempting travel deals ripe for the taking, it natural to question if it seems too good to be true. This article takes a deep dive on to examine site security, fraud protection, and overall booking safety.

Is Booking Travel Through Safe?

What is operates as a leading online travel agency (OTA) offering discounted airfare, lodging rates, vacation rentals, tours, airport transfers, and more. Formerly known as Ctrip, the Chinese company rebranded internationally as in 2019. With over 1.2 million hotels and flights reaching across 200 countries, it aims to undercut rates through high volume bookings.

Signs Pointing to a Legit Booking Site

Several key factors indicate operates as a valid OTA in the travel marketplace:

  • Publicly Traded Company
    As a Nasdaq traded stock, undergoes financial disclosures assuring valid business operations.
  • Extended Operating History
    In business since 1999, built an established brand reputation over decades in the Asian marketplace before expanding worldwide.
  • Verified Headquarters is headquartered in Shanghai, operating brick and mortar offices that can be physically verified through address listings and employee photos on LinkedIn.
  • Money-back Guarantee
    Unlike scam websites, offers refund assurances and flexible cancellation policies giving financial security.
  • Linkable to Major Brands
    Hotels, airlines, and activity operators displayed on link back to legitimate websites outside the sole control of

Ensuring Safe Booking Practices

To ensure peace of mind for financial transactions through the site, uses standard security practices common across top online booking companies:

  • HTTPS Secure Server Protocols
    Data entered on gets encrypted through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology protecting personal and payment info.
  • PCI Compliant Payment Processing
    All payments integrate PCI security compliance standards for safely accepting credit cards online.
  • Verified Reviews from Customers
    Traveler photos and feedback gets monitored to detect fraudulent reviews, content accuracy, etc.
  • Validation Against Provider Databases
    Inventory syncs against real-time availability pulled from connected airline and hotel databases.
  • Loyalty Program Links
    Participation in travel loyalty programs like airline frequent flyer miles requires validation through the operating brands.

Customer Service Support

For further booking assurance, offers 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, social media, and email.

Multi-channel assistance demonstrates dedication towards positive traveler experiences in the event any issues arise pre or post-booking. Travel agents also stand ready to aid complex itinerary help.

The Final Verdict on

In summary, has built trusted operations over decades in Asian markets to position itself as a value leader in travel bookings. The site focuses on securing partnerships with top brands to guarantee booking inventory.

Validating policies against other major OTAs indicates standard protections against fraud exist in line with industry best practices. While no company has a flawless track record, checks out as a legit booking option valued by millions globally.

Jennifer Tuffen
Jennifer Tuffen

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