No Deposit Hotels Near Me: Best Hotels 2024

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Booking a hotel stay can get expensive fast when you factor in deposits, resort fees, parking fees, and more.

Putting down a deposit for a hotel reservation means tying up your vacation funds for the duration of your trip.

But what if you could find nice hotels that don’t require deposits?

In this article, we’ll explore no-deposit hotels, their pros and cons, how to find them in your area, and tips for booking an affordable stay without any upfront deposit.

Whether you’re looking to save money for other parts of your vacation or just don’t want to tie up funds in a deposit, read on to learn all about no-deposit hotel options near you.

No Deposit Hotels Near Me: Best Hotels 2024

What are No Deposit Hotels?

No-deposit hotels are exactly what they sound like – hotels that do not require guests to put down a security deposit when booking.

Typically deposits are fully refundable provided you do not damage your room or incur additional fees during your stay.

However, having to make the upfront payment can be a financial burden.

No deposit hotels remove this barrier making it easier to lock in hotel reservations even if you are low on cash.

You can easily get a lot of hotels with 18+ check-ins with no deposits in the United States.

Pros of Booking a No Deposit Hotel

  • Don’t tie up vacation funds with a deposit
  • More budget-friendly upfront
  • Reduce financial barriers to booking

Cons of Booking a No-Deposit Hotel

  • Higher demand means fewer last-minute deals
  • Potential for more strict cancellation policies
  • Usually lower-tier hotels and motels

How to Find No Deposit Hotels Near Me

Luckily it’s not too difficult to locate no deposit hotel options within driving distance. Here are some tips for tracking down deposit-free hotel stays in your area:

1. Search Hotel Booking Sites

Many travel booking sites like Expedia,, and TripAdvisor allow you to filter your hotel search by “free cancellation” or “pay at property” hotels.

Turn these filters on when running a hotel search near your destination. Hotels that allow free cancellation or payment at check-in typically do not require deposits either.

Major booking platforms also indicate the cancellation policy and deposit requirements on each hotel’s details page.

Be sure to read the full details before booking to double-check if a deposit is required. Stick to only considering the hotels that explicitly state no deposit or payment due at the property.

2. Check Independent Hotel Websites

In addition to major third-party booking platforms, you can find deposit-free hotel stays by checking independent hotel, motel, and inn websites directly.

More affordable and budget-friendly independent properties are more likely to forego deposits in order to fill rooms.

When researching hotels in your destination, don’t limit yourself just to the big-name chains. Search “[city name] hotels” and browse the listings, focusing your attention on lesser-known independent hotels and motels.

Dig into their websites and reservation policies to learn more about deposit requirements before adding them to your possibilities list.

3. Call the Hotel Directly

If online listings don’t clearly state whether or not a deposit is required, your best bet is to call the hotel directly and inquire with the front desk or reservation manager.

Speaking to a real person allows you to explain exactly what you are looking for and get clear answers on deposit policies.

Feel free to ask questions about typical deposit amounts, refundability timelines, etc.

4. Be Upfront About Your Preferences

When contacting hotels, make it clear upfront that you are hoping to find a no-deposit reservation option.

This saves time by allowing hotels that do require deposits to opt out of the conversation quickly.

You can say something like “I am shopping for hotels in the area and hoping to book somewhere that does not require an upfront deposit.

“Do you offer no deposit reservations?” This opens the discussion transparently so you don’t waste time considering hotels that don’t actually meet your needs.

Search No Deposit Hotels Near Me By State

Almost every state has hotels with 18+ Check-in & deposit hotels.

Consider an Alternative to Hotels

If you are flexible on accommodations, vacation home rentals and other lodging options sometimes have more relaxed no-deposit policies than hotels.

Here are a few alternative lodging types to consider searching in lieu of traditional hotels:

1. Short Term Rentals

Websites like Airbnb, Vrbo, and offer thousands of privately owned apartments, villas, cottages, and houses for short-term rental.

These spaces offer home-like amenities for overnight guests. Peruse short-term rental listings in your destination to uncover independently owned lodging alternatives.

Messaging the hosts for details on their reservation deposit policy. Many owners are individuals renting out a spare home rather than corporate hotels, so they may be more willing to waive deposits.

2. Hostels

Hostels offer very affordable overnight bunk room accommodations for backpackers and budget travelers. Most now offer a range of private guestrooms in addition to dorm bunks.

Hostels typically cater to younger travelers and do not require deposits due to the affordable nightly rates.

The downside is less privacy than a traditional hotel. Check sites like Hostelworld and to find hostel options in your destination, being sure to check the deposit policies listed.


Booking a no-deposit hotel is certainly possible if you’re willing to put in a small amount of effort searching.

Leveraging major booking sites, checking lesser-known independent hotels, and exploring alternative accommodations open up more deposit-free options.

Plan to invest time reaching out directly by phone or message to double-check deposit policies whenever they are unclear online.


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