Understanding Expedia’s Hotel Cancellation Policies

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Booking hotel rooms through Expedia offers convenience and great rates. However, sometimes plans change and you need to cancel your reservation.

It’s important to understand Expedia’s policies regarding hotel cancellations to avoid issues.

This article will explain Expedia’s standard cancellation policy, types of reservations, refund eligibility, how to cancel without penalty, and tips for hassle-free cancellations.

Understanding Expedia's Hotel Cancellation Policies

Expedia’s Standard Cancellation Policy

Expedia’s default cancellation policy for hotel reservations allows penalty-free cancellations up until 6pm hotel local time on the day of arrival.

This means you can cancel without charge on the same day you were scheduled to check-in, up until 6pm at the hotel’s location.

If cancelling after that deadline, penalty fees assessed by the hotel may apply. These range from one night room charge to full stay charges depending on the terms.

However, this general policy can vary. Certain types of reservations, rates, and properties have different cancellation rules.

Reservation Types With Unique Policies

While a 6pm same-day cutoff is most common, some Expedia reservation types have different cancellation policies:

Non-Refundable Rate

As the name suggests, this rate is 100% non-refundable from the time of booking. Exception is if the hotel cancels on you.

Advance Purchase Rate

This discounted rate requires full pre-payment and has earlier cutoff dates, usually 7-14 days before arrival.

Group/Conference Rate

Special cancellation terms for group or conference bookings depend on hotel contract.

Holiday Period Stays

Stays over peak holiday periods often require earlier cancellation notice like 14-30 days.

Short Notice Instant Bookings

Reservations made within 24-72 hours of arrival have same-day cancellation deadlines.

Always carefully review the specific cancellation policy for your reservation on the Expedia confirmation.

Refund Eligibility if Cancelling

If you cancel an Expedia reservation within the policy terms, here is what you may be refunded:

  • Amount paid minus hotel cancellation penalties
  • Expedia service fees
  • Taxes and other charges on cancelled nights

Any prepaid amount beyond the cancellation fees will be returned to the original payment method. Do note that refunds can take 7-14 business days to process.

If cancelling outside the policy, the entire prepayment may be forfeited depending on terms.

How to Cancel a Hotel Reservation on Expedia

If you need to cancel your upcoming Expedia hotel stay, here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your Expedia account online or via mobile app.
  2. Under “Your Trips”, locate the reservation and select “Cancel Reservation”.
  3. Choose reason for cancelling from dropdown menu.
  4. Confirm cancellation details and that you understand the penalties.
  5. Receive cancellation number for your records.

You should then receive an updated confirmation reflecting cancellation and any refund due if eligible. Make sure to retain the cancellation number as proof.

Tips to Cancel Hotels on Expedia Without Penalty

To avoid cancellation fees, follow these best practices:

  • Carefully review cancellation policy before booking. Understand cutoffs.
  • For flexible plans, book refundable rates or with free cancellation.
  • Set calendar alerts for key policy dates to avoid missing them.
  • Cancel online immediately if plans change, don’t wait.
  • Follow up if refund not received within timeframe stated.
  • Keep records of cancellation emails/numbers for confirmation.
  • Rebook new reservations before cancelling old to secure backup plan.

Know Before You Go

Expedia aims to make hotel reservations easy and painless. However, plans can change unexpectedly. When needing to cancel a booking, be sure you fully understand the property’s policies configured on Expedia.

Adhere to cutoffs diligently to avoid costly cancellation fees. With a little preparation, you can change plans when required without penalty and hassle.

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