Can You Rent a Hotel Room for Just an Hour?

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Have you ever needed a hotel room for just a short time?

Maybe you are in between flights and just need somewhere to freshen up for an hour or two.

Or perhaps you want to get ready for a big night out without going all the way home first. The good news is – yes, you can rent hotel rooms by the hour at many hotels!

What Hotels Offer Hourly Rates?

Hotels with Hourly Rates Certain types of hotels commonly offer hourly room rental rates:

Airport Hotels Airport hotels cater to travelers with long layovers who need a room for just a few hours to relax or get some work done between flights. Many airport hotels have hourly rates available.

Expensive hotels also provide hourly access because there are lots of people who come just to explore the hotel and rooms.

Day-Use Hotels Some hotel chains specialize specifically in day-use or hourly room rentals. These hotels provide rooms for short daytime stays between about 10 am and 10 pm.

Boutique Hotels Smaller, boutique-style hotels are also more likely to offer hourly room rental options, especially in downtown and tourist areas. Their flexible policies cater well to short-term travelers.

Business Hotels Hotels centers in business districts frequently have day rates for business travelers coming into town for just a day or needing a room for the full business day.

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What Hotels Offer Hourly Rates?

How Do Hourly Hotel Rates Work?

Booking an Hourly Room Booking a hotel room at an hourly rate works much the same as reserving a regular overnight hotel room:

  • Check hotel booking sites for locations offering day or hourly rates
  • Select room type, amenities, check-in/check-out times
  • Provide payment details
  • Receive confirmation and room access information

Hourly Room Policies When renting hotel rooms by the hour, be sure to take note of each hotel’s policies, which commonly include:

  • Strict check-in/check-out times, usually increments of 6 hours
  • Upfront or prepaid payment required
  • Age policies restricting hourly rental for those under 18 or 21
  • Identification is required upon check-in

Understanding these policies and limitations ahead of time ensures a smooth hotel check-in and hourly rental experience.

It’s very useful to book hourly hotels when you are you only want to spend midnight in the hotel and have to leave the hotel early in the morning.

How Much Do Hourly Hotel Rooms Cost?

Hourly Hotel Room Rates Hourly hotel room rental pricing depends on factors like:

  • Location – Rooms in bigger cities or airports cost more
  • Room size and amenities
  • Time of week – Weekends tend to be pricier
  • Length of stay – Longer stays may have lower hourly rates
  • Special events – Rates increase during popular events

On average you can expect to pay:

  • Weekday Rates – $30-$75 per hour
  • Weekend Rates – $50-$95 per hour

Many hotels offer discounts for longer stays over 6 hours or over 24 hours. Be sure to ask about any current hourly room deals.

Make sure to find no-deposit hotels so that you don’t need to pay anything in advance. You can also choose afterpay hotels so that you can enjoy the hotel and pay later.

Comparing prices from multiple hotel chains is the best way to find the perfect location and amenities at the right price point for your short hotel stay needs.

How Much Do Hourly Hotel Rooms Cost?

What Do Hourly Hotel Rates Include?

Hourly Hotel Room Amenities Hourly and day-use hotel room rates typically include standard amenities like:

  • Freshly cleaned room with bed(s), bathroom, furniture
  • Toiletries – soap, shampoo, conditioner
  • HVAC cooling and heating
  • Flat-screen TV with cable channels
  • WiFi internet access
  • Access to hotel common areas – lobby, lounge, pool (dependent on hotel policies)

Some hotels may include extra amenities like complimentary food and beverages, satellite TV channels, bathrobes and slippers, and access to onsite spas and gyms.

Be sure to clarify exactly what amenities are included when you book an hourly or day-use hotel room.

Added Extras In addition, most hotels offer extra services for an added fee:

  • Valet parking
  • Room service food and beverage delivery
  • TV movie rentals
  • Local phone calls and sometimes long-distance phone call charges

Know what services come with the standard hourly room rate versus what extras you may need to pay for during your short hotel stay.

What Can You Do in an Hourly Hotel Room?

Making the Most of Your Hotel Hour(s) Once you’ve rented your hotel room for the hour, how you utilize your short-stay hotel time depends on your personal needs.

Here are some popular ways travelers take advantage of their 1- to 6-hour hotel room rentals:

  • Get ready for events – Apply makeup, do hair, change clothes, store luggage
  • Take naps and relaxation breaks between flights, meetings, etc
  • Reflect and recharge alone before big occasions – interviews, speeches, performances
  • Spend private intimate time as a couple
  • Work remotely between appointments or during long layovers
  • Shower, shave, wash up when facilities are otherwise unavailable

So whether you just need a home base amid a busy day or want complete peace and privacy before that big event, an hourly hotel room rental can provide that perfect oasis right when you need it most.

Top Hotel Chains With Hourly Rates

Major Brands Offering Day Stays Many top hotel companies now provide hourly and daytime-stay options recognizing growing consumer demand among travelers on the go and time-crunched professionals alike.

Hotel chains with hourly room rental rates include:

  1. Hyatt – Hyatt House and Hyatt Place both offer hourly day rates at many locations, especially near airports.
  2. Hilton – Hilton brands like Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites and Homewood Suites frequently provide hourly room options.
  3. Marriott – Marriott’s Element Hotels and newer Moxy Hotels cater to the short-stay traveler with flexible and affordable day rates.
  4. Best Western – Look for Best Western Plus locations which offer hourly room blocks well-suited for travel layovers and midday breaks for sightseeing and shopping excursions.
  5. InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG) – IHG’s boutique Kimpton Hotels brand offers hourly reservations at many urban and boutique properties.
  6. Oyo Hotels – Fast-growing hotel startup Oyo specializes in hourly room rentals through their Oyo Rooms chain in India and expanding into sites across Europe and the US.

The growth of reputable major hotel chains offering on-demand hourly reservations continues to increase both domestically and globally.

Flexible new brands especially target business people, travelers, tourists and mobile-minded millennials.

Top Hotel Chains With Hourly Rates

Top Reasons to Get an Hourly Hotel Room

Why Book a Hotel for Just 1-6 Hours?

You may be wondering if booking a last-minute hotel room for anything less than an overnight stay makes sense. Won’t it be too rushed? Isn’t it indulgent and expensive?

There are quite a few practical reasons why renting hourly hotel rooms has become so popular among today’s on-the-move travelers and busy professionals:

  1. Affordable – Hourly rates are cheaper than rack overnight rates, and cheaper than booking a separate day-rate room too.
  2. Conveniently Located – Hotel booking sites make finding an perfectly situated hotel on short notice a breeze.
  3. Privacy – A personal hotel room provides solitude and privacy that public spaces can’t duplicate.
  4. Productivity – The hotel room environment facilitates focus for getting work done versus café and airport distractions.
  5. Cleanliness – Hotel rooms provide freshly made beds, clean showers and bathrooms not available otherwise.
  6. Relaxation – Hotel rooms allow you to decompress from a long flight or recover from a stressful meeting or appointment.
  7. Family-Friendly – Having your own hotel space lets parents attend to baby needs without bothering others.
  8. Couples Retreat – Hotel rooms give romantic partners special one-on-one couple time together between other obligations.
  9. Experience – Staying in hotels, even briefly, adds an element of leisure and travel.

Getting a hotel room for just 60 minutes up to 6 hours or more if needed makes sense when you consider the many benefits.

Hourly hotel rooms rates let you enjoy all the advantages of an on-demand hotel experience minus the overnight costs.

The flexibility, privacy and hospitality hotels provide now adapts perfectly to the schedules of travelers and mobile professionals visiting cities for business and leisure.


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