Finding Hotels That Accept Cash Payments

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In today’s digital world, it seems like everyone expects you to pay with a credit or debit card. But what if you prefer to pay with cash?

Fortunately, there are still hotels that accept cash payments if you know where to look. In this article, we’ll discuss tips for finding hotels near you that take cash.

Finding Hotels That Accept Cash Payments

Why Pay Cash at Hotels?

There are a few key reasons travelers may prefer to pay cash at hotels:

  • Privacy – Paying cash leaves less of a paper trail than using a card. You won’t have to worry about your credit card number being stored in multiple systems.
  • Avoid card transaction fees – Many hotels charge a small processing fee for credit/debit card payments. Paying cash allows you to avoid these extra charges.
  • Stick to a budget – Paying cash can help travelers on a tight budget avoid overspending. Once your cash is gone, you can’t charge more to the room.
  • Lack of credit/debit card – Some travelers may not have a credit or debit card available to them. Paying cash is the only payment option.

Tips for Finding Cash-Friendly Hotels

If you prefer to pay hotel bills with cash, here are some tips to find accommodations that accept cash:

1. Look for independently owned hotels

Your best bet for finding cash-friendly hotels are independently owned lodgings rather than large corporate hotel chains.

Independent hotels are more likely to accept and work with cash payments. B&Bs and small inns are good cash-friendly options.

2. Check hotel policies online

Before booking a hotel, check their website or call to inquire about payment policies.

Many hotel websites will indicate if they accept cash or have any restrictions on cash payments. Don’t assume all hotels take cash.

3. Opt for mid-range prices

Budget hotels and motels are very likely to accept cash. However, high-end luxury hotels typically require a credit card booking.

For the best chance of paying cash, look for reasonably priced mid-range hotel options.

4. Consider extended-stay hotels

Extended-stay hotels that offer weekly and monthly rates are accustomed to taking cash for long-term stays. These types of hotels usually have more flexible payment policies.

5. Look near highways or roadside

Roadside hotels just off highways are great cash-friendly options, as they cater to all types of travelers passing through, including those without cards.

6. Visit the hotel in person

For the most assurances, visit the hotel in person to pay and confirm they accept cash before checking in. This is better than relying on phone calls or websites.

Finding Specific Cash-Friendly Hotels Near You

Once you know what type of hotels to look for, you can search for accommodations that take cash near your location. Here are some ways to find cash-friendly hotels close by:

1. Search hotel booking sites

Use travel booking sites like Expedia,, or TripAdvisor to search for hotels. Filter your search by geographic area, then look at each hotel’s payment policies.

2. Check travel forums

Scour travel forums like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet for discussions about hotels that accept cash. You can often find recent reviews mentioning cash payments.

3. Search local listings

Look at local travel guides and business listings for your area. Call hotels directly to ask if they accept cash.

4. Drive by hotels

Simply driving by hotels in your preferred area can help you identify independently owned lodging options. Stop in to ask about cash payments.

5. Ask tourism bureaus

Contact local convention and visitor bureaus to ask for recommendations for hotels that accept cash in their vicinity.

What to Know About Paying Cash at Hotels

If you find a suitable hotel that accepts cash, there are a few things to keep in mind when paying:

  • Expect to pay a cash deposit upon checking in, even if you pay the full amount upfront.
  • Cash-paying guests may be placed in certain designated rooms.
  • Hotels may ask for ID and a billing address when paying with cash.
  • If paying the full amount with cash, request a receipt for your records.
  • Hotels may charge a higher room rate for cash-paying guests.
  • Inquire about the cash payment policy for incidentals charged during your stay.

With the prevalence of digital payments, it can be tricky to find hotels that still accept good old cash.

But with the right research methods and by targeting locally owned hotels, you can still find great cash-friendly accommodations for your next trip.

Just remember to call ahead and confirm the cash payment policy before making the trek to the hotel. Happy cash-only hotel hunting!

Jennifer Tuffen
Jennifer Tuffen

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