Paying for Your Hotel Stay With an eCheck

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When booking a hotel, you typically have various payment options – credit card, debit card, PayPal, etc. But can you pay for your reservation with an eCheck or electronic check payment?

Many major hotels do accept eChecks, though the policies vary. Knowing which hotels welcome eChecks and how to use them provides helpful flexibility when planning and paying for accommodations.

Paying for Your Hotel Stay With an eCheck

What is an eCheck For Hotels?

An eCheck, or electronic check, allows guests to pay hotels directly from their checking account by transferring funds electronically. It functions similarly to a paper check, except it is processed digitally.

With an eCheck, hotel guests enter their routing and account numbers during online booking or at check-in. This authorizes the hotel to withdraw the owed amount from the linked checking account to pay for the stay.

Hotels That Accept eChecks

Many leading hotel chains accept eChecks as a payment method, including:

  • Marriott
  • Hilton
  • Hyatt
  • Wyndham
  • Best Western
  • Holiday Inn
  • Radisson
  • La Quinta
  • Red Roof Inn

Smaller independent and boutique hotels frequently accept eChecks as well. However, some low-budget chains like Motel 6 currently only take traditional payment methods.

Paying for Your Hotel Stay With an eCheck

Benefits of Paying Hotels With eChecks

Why would a guest choose to pay for their hotel stay with an eCheck? Some potential advantages include:

  • No need to have a debit or credit card handy
  • Allows access to funds from a checking account
  • Avoids card transaction fees charged to the hotel
  • May be the only payment option for those without debit/credit cards
  • Can help limit credit card balance for those trying to reduce debt
  • Automatically initiates payment instead of having to remember
  • Often earns hotel rewards program points just like other options

For the right guest, paying with an eCheck can be a simpler and more appealing payment method for hotel reservations.

How to Pay a Hotel With eCheck

The process to pay a hotel with an eCheck is relatively straightforward:

  • When booking online or at the front desk, choose eCheck as payment method.
  • Provide the routing number and account number from your checking account.
  • Enter name matching the account.
  • Review full reservation charges to authorize withdrawal of funds.
  • Accept hotel terms, which may include an eCheck fee around $10-$15 in some cases.
  • Check statements later to verify accurate eCheck processing.

Be prepared with account info handy to complete eCheck hotel transactions quickly.

Tips for eCheck Hotel Payments

To ensure smooth eCheck payment experiences when paying hotels:

  • Inform front desk staff upfront at check-in if planning to pay with eCheck to allow proper processing time.
  • Double check routing and account numbers entered to avoid errors delaying transactions.
  • Have alternate payment method available as backup if issues arise with eCheck approval.
  • Ask if eChecks require pre-authorization that temporarily pending holds funds.
  • Let bank know in advance of any major eCheck payments to reduce fraud holds.
  • Watch account balances to ensure enough funds are available when eChecks clear, just like regular checks.

With the right preparation, eCheck hotel payments can be simple and convenient for all parties.

Potential Drawbacks of eCheck Payments

While useful in many cases, some limitations exist with eChecks that guests should be aware of:

  • Some hotels only accept eChecks for advance payment, not during check-in.
  • Transactions may take 1-3 days to process, unlike credit cards which are instant.
  • Could face NSF fees from bank if account lacks sufficient funds when processed.
  • Limited ability to dispute fraud if account number is stolen, unlike credit cards.
  • Some hotels charge processing fees for eCheck payment ranging $10-$25.
  • International guests may have issues using checks from foreign bank accounts.

Understanding these restrictions allows guests to decide if using eChecks for hotel payments remains their best option.

Ask in Advance About eCheck Policies

With specific eCheck policies varying from hotel to hotel, it is always smart to ask ahead if planning to pay with electronic check:

  • Are eChecks accepted at all and for entire balance or just deposits?
  • Will my eCheck payment clear in time for scheduled arrival?
  • Is there an added eCheck fee and how much is it?
  • What is the deadline for payment at check-in if paying by eCheck?
  • What happens if my eCheck gets initially declined?

Getting clarity directly from the hotel on their specific eCheck requirements ensures a smooth process.

eChecks Can Offer Payment Flexibility

As electronic payment grows, eChecks remain a viable option accepted at most major hotel chains.

Knowing policies, asking key questions in advance, and entering information carefully makes paying with eCheck a convenient choice for hotel guests with planning. When seamlessly processed, eChecks enhance flexibility when funding hotel stays.

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