Checked Into a Hotel Full of Cockroaches? How I Got a Refund

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Have you ever checked into a hotel room only to find it crawling with gross cockroaches?

This recently happened to me on a family trip, and it was a nightmare!

After more than 10 years of travel writing experience, I want to share exactly what to do step-by-step if you get stuck in a bug-infested room so you can get out of there and get your money back.

Checked Into a Hotel Full of Cockroaches? How I Got a Refund

Checked Into a Hotel Full of Cockroaches: The Horrifying Discovery

It was midnight when I just landed in New York City. I was very tired and I took a cab to my hotel. The Check-in process was very smooth, As soon as we opened the door, we knew something was wrong.

There was a weird, musty smell, and then we saw them – little brown cockroaches crawling on the floors and walls.

My kids started screaming! No one wants to sleep in a room with creepy crawlies. Here’s what you need to do next:

1. Notify the Front Desk Immediately

Don’t unpack your suitcases!

Go straight to the front desk or call them from the hotel phone and politely but firmly tell them you found cockroaches in your room. Show them pictures or videos if you can. Let them know you don’t feel comfortable staying there.

The manager might make excuses or minimize the problem. But stand your ground – cockroaches can carry diseases and trigger allergies. It is completely unacceptable for a hotel room.

2. Ask to Change Rooms

The hotel should offer to move you to a new, insect-free room right away. Before hauling your luggage upstairs, inspect the new room yourself first.

Pull back the sheets, check the bathroom, and look for any signs of bugs. If you see anything suspicious, go back to the front desk.

3. Request A Refund

If The Problem Persists If cockroaches keep appearing even after switching rooms, the infestation might be widespread.

Politely ask for a refund so you can make other accommodation arrangements. Get the manager’s name and contact info.

If they refuse, you may need to take further steps later.

Search for another hotel near to your location. Try to find a no-deposit hotel because its very hard to find a good hotel in such a less time.

4. Document Everything

Take photos and videos any time you see cockroaches to have proof. Note dates, room numbers, and names of staff you interact with.

This documentation will help if you need to dispute the charges later.

5. Check Other Rooms In Advance

Next Time To avoid another gross cockroach incident, peek behind furniture and in closets when you first check into a hotel room.

Look for any small brown bugs or traces of them. Having them spotted early makes it easier to change rooms immediately.

Check Other Rooms In Advance

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6. Get Payment Back For a Ruined Hotel Stay

Hotels are very expensive. If the hotel won’t refund your stay after finding cockroaches multiple times, you can dispute the charges with your credit card company.

Here’s how:

File A Chargeback Claim Call the number on the back of your credit card and explain that cockroaches made the hotel unacceptable yet they refused a refund.

Tell them you have documentation. The credit card company will likely refund the charges to you directly and investigate with the hotel.

7. Leave Honest Feedback

Leave Online Reviews On sites like TripAdvisor and Google, post an honest review detailing the cockroach problem.

Stick to the facts and avoid insults. Adding photos helps inform other travelers too. The bad publicity motivates hotels to improve pest management.

Report The Issue You can file a complaint with consumer affairs agencies in your state or locally, such as the Better Business Bureau. They might follow up with the hotel about the cockroach infestation.

Contact The Health Department Since cockroaches can spread disease, you can report the issue to health department sanitation inspectors too.

They may decide to inspect the property and can issue fines if there are violations.


By following these steps, you can get out of that dreadful cockroach hotel quickly and hopefully get your money back.

No one should have to sleep with creepy crawlers! Speak up right away if it happens to you on vacation – you deserve clean lodging.

With my years of travel writing wisdom, now you know exactly how to handle this unsettling scenario.

Let me know if you have any other hotel-related questions!


I'm Jennifer Tuffen, a travel enthusiast and storyteller, six years and 10+ countries deep into a journey of discovery and cultural immersion.