Does Uber Eats Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

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Ordering room service can get pricey. So does Uber Eats offer delivery directly to your hotel room as an affordable alternative?

With the right preparations, you can enjoy Uber Eats meals without leaving your hotel.

Does Uber Eats Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Uber Eats is a popular food delivery app allowing customers to order meals from local restaurants. It’s a convenient and budget-friendly way to eat while traveling.

But does Uber Eats actually deliver all the way to your hotel room door? Or do you need to meet them in the lobby?

The answer is that Uber Eats can deliver to hotel rooms in many cases with some planning and communication.

Here is an overview of how Uber Eats hotel delivery works and tips to make sure your food arrives hassle-free.

Does Uber Eats Go to Hotel Rooms?

In most areas, Uber Eats can deliver to hotel rooms, not just the lobby. However, you may need to provide delivery instructions for drivers to gain access and find your room.

Some key factors on hotel delivery:

  • Available in many markets: Uber Eats lets drivers choose whether to deliver to hotels. Many major cities have drivers who will.
  • Requires room number: For hotels, you must enter your room number so the driver knows where to go.
  • Contactless delivery: Drivers will message or call so you can meet them or provide entry instructions.
  • Notify the hotel: Let the front desk know to expect Uber Eats drivers for your room.

So with the right setup, Uber Eats can conveniently deliver meals directly to your hotel room in many markets.

Tips for Successful Hotel Delivery

Follow these tips to ensure smooth Uber Eats delivery to your hotel:

  • Add room number – Be sure to include your room number in the Uber Eats delivery instructions.
  • Note special entry – Give any lobby door codes or elevator card access info.
  • Inform the front desk – Call to tell them to allow Uber Eats to your room.
  • Provide gate codes – If the hotel complex has gated access, share the code.
  • Watch the app – Track the driver so you’re ready when they arrive.
  • Have cash ready – Some hotels don’t allow lobby restroom access without a room key, so have cash on hand for drivers.
  • Meet in the lobby – If needed, you can also just meet the driver in the lobby to get your order.

Checking Hotel Delivery Options

Wondering if Uber Eats drivers will deliver to a specific hotel? Here are some ways to check:

  • Search the address – When placing your order, see if the hotel name populates as a valid delivery address.
  • Ask the front desk – They may know if Uber Eats delivers to guest rooms at the property.
  • Contact the driver – Once assigned a driver, call them to confirm if they can deliver to your room.
  • Check user reviews – Look for reviews mentioning Uber Eats room delivery at that hotel.
  • Test it – Order a small, inexpensive meal to see if the process works before getting a large order.

Why Hotels May Restrict Delivery

Some hotels prohibit food deliveries directly to rooms. Reasons hotels may restrict access include:

  • Security concerns – Keeping tight control over who can enter rooms.
  • Cleanliness – Prevent food odors from permeating hallways or rooms.
  • Avoid disruptions – Guest complaints about delivery people knocking on doors.
  • Promote room service – They want guests to use the hotel’s own costly room service instead.

If your hotel won’t allow room delivery, you can still meet drivers in the lobby or outside the building.

Uber Eats Hotel Delivery Policies

Before ordering to your hotel, review these key Uber Eats policies:

  • Eligibility – Drivers ultimately choose whether to deliver to a hotel, so room delivery is not guaranteed.
  • Fees – An extra delivery fee may apply to deliver to hotels.
  • Instructions – Room number and entry details must be accurate in the delivery instructions box.
  • Gate codes – If the hotel complex requires an entry code, this must be provided to gain access.
  • Limits – Some hotels don’t allow Uber Eats drivers to use guest elevators. Stairs only.
  • Meet in lobby – If needed, be willing to meet the driver in the lobby instead of a room delivery.


With the right preparation, Uber Eats can be an easy and affordable way to enjoy your favorite meals on vacation without leaving your hotel room.

Just be sure to enter your room details accurately, inform the hotel to allow access, provide any necessary gate codes, and be flexible on meeting in the lobby if needed.

With these tips, you can take advantage of contactless Uber Eats delivery and skip the pricey room service.


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